Peinemann Heavy Duty Rollers Aid Heat Exchange Cleaning

Standard Heavy duty rollers, for the rotation of the heat-exchangers, driven directly from the cabin of the inside bundle cleaner or the outside bundle cleaner. Consisting of 1 unit with driven rollers and 1 unit with non driven rollers (excluding power pack).

The rollers are driven by a hydraulic or pneumatic motor and can be connected to any powerpack. Due to its long length and its possibility to increase the distance between the rollers, they can be used for any bundle up to 30T.

The long length of the rollers makes it possible to support the bundle at the baffle plates, even when the baffle plates cover only half of the tubes. The chain which drives the rollers is positioned in such a way that the tube bundle can stick out in the front without touching the chain. The bearings fitted on each side of the rollers have a capacity of 50T each, to avoid bearing damage and they are well protected from any dirt coming inside.

The wall thickness of the rollers is 24 mm to avoid any damage on the rollers and because the hydraulic motor is fitted with a safety valve, which stops the bundle from rotating when the hydraulic pressure stops, it makes it a safe and reliable tool for any heat exchanger cleaning job.


Peinemann heavy duty rollers


To see a short demonstration video click here.

Technical Specifications

Total weight 1400 kg (3.086 lbs)
Working load 30T
Height 560 mm
Total width 1200 mm
Roller length 1200 mm
Total length 1500 mm
Center / center sizes between the rollers 540 mm or 800 mm
Diameter 50T capacity each, incl. rubber shock absorbers at the bottom

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