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Peinemann's Revolutionary New "Hands Free" Triple Flex Lance System for Tube Cleaning
The 3XLTC with flexframe is Portable, Affordable, Safe and Easy to assemble! Made from high quality materials, it will generate improved cleaning for a relatively small investment. It’s modular so it’s easy […]
Peinemann Heavy Duty Rollers Aid Heat Exchange Cleaning
Standard Heavy duty rollers, for the rotation of the heat-exchangers, driven directly from the cabin of the inside bundle cleaner or the outside bundle cleaner. Consisting of 1 unit with […]
Newly Designed Trailer Mounted Pumpsets
Available in either 120kw or 170kw models, our trailers come complete with inbuilt fuel and header tanks and onboard prefilters. Their compact design make them highly versatile, capable of being […]

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Hammelmann place image
Introducing Hammelmann Australia
Welcome to Hammelmann Australia! Adopting the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words", we've created this video to show you what it is that we do.  

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