Hammelmann Australia’s industry leading products are cutting edge in every way and so is our level of service. We have built our business on the foundation of professionalism. We don’t just sell products, we offer solutions!

Our Commitment to Our Client

We offer products to customers which best meet their requirements, whether manufactured by Hammelmann or not.  If products manufactured by other companies are a better fit,  we will integrate them into the solution we provide you.  How many other companies integrate products from competitors into their services?

Our business has a 100% commitment to client satisfaction. We believe in going above and beyond the high expectations of our customers. Our experienced staff understand this industry and will work with customers to find a solution to their problems as soon as possible.  Maintaining a large stock of spare parts and accessories across our branch network in Australia enables us to distribute to customers as quickly as possible, maximising efficiencies by reducing equipment idle time.

What About Hammelmann Equipment?

Our equipment is state of the art. Our products can be seamlessly integrated with software that gathers and distributes data on potential maintenance and repair issues. It can even predict when something is wrong and let you know before it happens. This means that you can plan for maintenance ahead of time every time, minimising downtime and associated loss of revenue. This equipment is unlike any other on the market when it comes to technological competence.

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When dealing with Hammelmann Australia, you will enjoy the benefits of doing business with an industry leader whose name is trusted around the world.

Contact Hammelmann Australia now and allow us to offer you a solution, not just a product.