HDP 120

The HDP 120 high pressure pump, with a power rating of 120kW is available in models HDP 122, HDP 123 and HDP 124.  The pumps are available skid mounted, containerised or as a trailer unit.


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HDP 120 High pressure pump weight approx. 380 kg

hdp 120 group
HDP 120
up to 120 kW
up to 3200 bar*
up to 326 l/min


  • Power ratings up to 120 kW
  • Vertical 3 cylinder design
  • Wide variety of complementary ancilliaries

Quality and Reliability

  • Stainless steel pump head free of alternating stress
  • Bellows form hermetic seal between the suction chamber and crank section
  • Choice of 'application specific' seal assemblies
  • Solid ceramic or tungsten carbide plungers
  • Choice of bronze (standard) or stainless steel suction chamber
  • Crank section calculation by 'Finite element method' ensures long working life under continuous load
  • Integral speed reduction gear
  • Pressurised oil lubrication system with oil cooler/filter

Main Dimensions

Stationary unit with electric motor:

Length: 1856 mm

Width: 850 mm

Height: 1290 mm

Weight: approx. 1600 kg at 110kW

Stationary unit with diesel engine:

Length: 1990 mm

Width: 1160 mm

Height: 1405 mm

Weight: approx. 1420 kg at 120 kW without full fuel tank


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