Our state of the art high pressure pumps, process pumps and water jet technology is used for a variety of applications across many industries including mining, construction, ship repair, and petrochemical processing. It is the multi-purpose functionality of Hammelmann systems that has led to the incredible half century success story that is our business.

Hammelmann Australia are proud to provide the same attention to detail and promise of quality as our European and global counterparts. Australia’s harsh climate means that equipment is exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions so quality is necessary. Our equipment is perfect for use in the harsh areas that feature Australia’s vast Aluminium refineries.

We tailor our products to each customer’s exact requirements. We are unsurpassed when it comes to customisability of product.  If you require a pump solution in any industry we are more than likely capable of designing a solution for you.

We have provided equipment to businesses of many industries including the following: