PRODUCTS - High Pressure Spray Guns

High Pressure Spray Guns

High pressure spray guns serve as the switching mechanism between the high pressure pump unit and the various nozzles and blasting tools. A variety of switching and control devices are available.

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The new handgrip generation
The new handgrip design increases safety and extends blasting times by enabling the operation of blasting guns with considerably less force than normal. A lever mechanism allows you to hold the trigger with your little finger.
With electrical control signal
A proximity switch sends an electric signal through a cable to the pump bypass control.
Mechanical bypass (dump) gun
By releasing the trigger, the gun bypass valve is opened, emitting the water through a hose without pressure.
With mechanical dry shut off valve
Pressing the trigger opens the valve and causes high pressure water to flow. The valve is closed and flow is cut off simply by releasing the trigger. Maximum 1000 bar.
The blasting gun functions by means of a transponder which transmits a signal to the pump bypass control via 4 wire technology.
Multiple nozzle heads are available for the rotating barrel