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Tube Cleaning Equipment

We have a range of tube cleaning equipment available.

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SingleLanceTubeCleaner1LTCSingle Lance Tube Cleaner (1LTC)

High Pressure cleaning of heat exchangers has never been this easy and safe!

Excellent cleaning results due to consistent speed and front and back cleaning. The weight is only 8,5 kg (19 pounds) and pays for itself immediately because it greatly increases both productivity and operator safety. The operator uses the 1-LTC by positioning the nozzle end against the tube to be cleaned. The operator manipulates the simple controls to retract or extend the high pressure hose, at the appropriate speed, into the tube while applying water pressure.

TripleLanceTubeCleaner3TLE-BasicTriple Lance Tube Cleaner (3TLE – Basic)

Automatic cleaning system placing the operator out of reach of high pressure water means maximum safety.

Excellent cleaning results due to consistent speed and 2 way cleaning. Average cleaning speed 250-300 tubes per hour. Designed for horizontal and vertical heat exchangers with light to medium contamination. Basic control panel, easy to operate.


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